Our Events Planning Guide

Our Events Planning Guide should be your primary resource to understand your obligations as an event organiser.

View our Event Planning Guide to help you plan and stage a successful and safe event.

As the organiser of an event in Geelong, it is your responsibility to ensure that all required permits are obtained and any relevant legislation is complied with.

This Guide is designed to help you plan a safe and successful event, give you advice as to how to develop event plans of a reasonable standard, and navigate you through the necessary permit process specific to the Geelong municipality.

The Events Planning Guide covers:

Section 1: How to apply for an event

Section 2: Developing an Event Plan

Section 3: Event risk management and planning

Section 4: Event emergency management and planning

Section 5: Other useful event planning information

The Guide has been tailored to help all event organisers, no matter what the size, scale or nature of your event. Whether you are staging a small event for select group of people, or a ticketed major event in a high profile area, this Guide will step you through the requirements relevant for your event.

If you have questions related to traffic management and what you need to do to close a road for your event, how to manage risk or what’s involved in developing an event plan, the Events Planning Guide will be your best resource for answers.

Updating information

The information contained in the Events Planning Guide will be updated regularly to ensure that the latest regulatory and legislative information is accessible.

Sources for information

The Events Planning Guide has been developed in partnership with a range of agencies and City departments to ensure you are provided with accurate and relevant information in one place.

Need more help?

If you require further assistance with any stage of your event’s planning after referring to the relevant information in the Guide, please contact the City’s Event Services Unit by phone on 03 5272 4139 or email ([email protected]).

Page last updated: Thursday, 13 June 2024