Waste management planning

Waste can be generated at all times during an event as well as set up and pack up stages. 

Most events will need to develop and implement a waste management plan for their event. It is likely that additional waste receptacles, additional toilets amenities and a cleaning plan will be required.

It is your responsibility to manage your event’s waste and leave the site and its facilities in a clean and tidy condition.

You can develop the plan yourself and contract a waste management/cleaning company to implement it.

Your Waste Management Plan should include information about:

  • cleaning, restocking of existing toilets and toilets hired in by the event organiser 

  • emptying existing and temporary on-site bins

  • cleaning and restocking of temporary toilets        

  • provide an on-site skip.

During the event and at the conclusion of the event cleaning staff should be monitoring waste and removing waste. 

Many sites have existing Council bins and public amenities on location and you are welcome to incorporate this infrastructure into your Waste Management Plan.

A waste management plan should include re-stocking of the toilets throughout the event (paper and hand towel) and emptying of the waste paper bins within the toilets. The toilets should be left in tidy condition.

A site plan showing the existing bins and toilets, temporary bins and toilets, the event impact zone (the area outside of the site precinct that is likely to have litter generated as a result of the event), and the location of skips should form part of the Waste Management Plan and also be provided to the cleaning contractor.            

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020