Water management planning

You are responsible for water management at your event site. This includes free drinking water for the public and water to support amenities such as toilets and cleaning.

You will need to assess your event’s water requirements. Is there enough water available on site? Where is it located? Is an additional supply required?


  • Will you be, or are you required to offer drinking water?
  • The supply of free drinking water is a condition of the Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE)
  • Do food vendors need water for hand washing and general operations?
  • If the water point can’t be connected to food vendors (usually because of position) you will need to advise them to bring a reserve of potable water.
  • Do temporary toilets need to be connected to water?  If no, water is available, advise the toilet supplier.
  • Does the cleaning contractor need access to water?
  • Do portable fountains or water trailers need to be connected to a water point?
  • Are water and/or a water tanks required as part of the event’s Fire Management Plan?

In developing your Water Management Plan you will need to know:

  • the quantity and quality of water required
  • what water is available on site and what can it be used for
  • how water is to be transported, stored and distributed around the site
  • where waste water should be disposed of
  • if there are any reserves of water remaining after the event, can it be deposited on site to benefit the landscape, or returned?
  • if there is no accessible water on site can you bring in a local water tanker and a local supplier of water to fill the tanker?  The additional water may need to be recycled water or potable (drinkable water) – depending on what it is to be used for.

You may need a plumber to assist with plumbing in toilets and providing drinking water tap fittings etc.

Your Risk Assessment should address the safe management of water at your event.

Mobile drinking fountains

For larger community events in the Geelong region, Barwon Water has a mobile drinking fountain available to make sure members of the public attending your event have access to drinking water.

Contact Barwon Water for more information and to obtain a hire application form.

Some commercial suppliers of portable toilets may also hire portable drinking fountains.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020