First aid planning at events

You may need to provide accredited first aid officers at your event.

It is also a requirement of your Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE) that you provide a certain number of qualified first aid officers operating from a suitable area.

The number of on site first aid rooms you will need depends on the number of people at your event.

Include contractors, vendors, staff, volunteers, participants and spectators when working out the number of people.

Depending on the nature and size of your event, you will need access to either a first aid caravan or facility equipped with:

  • hot and cold running water
  • two separate rooms (or adequate partitions to separate) for male and female patients with a bed and chair.
  • a hard stand floor area not less than 24 square metres
  • chairs and tables
  • signage that can be easily seen at night
  • power
  • adequate lighting
  • name of company providing first aid
  • name of supervisor and contact details
  • position of first aid facilities on the site map
  • times that first aiders will be in attendance
  • skills matrix of the first aiders and their qualifications (your first aid provider can provide you with this information).

When planning a major event, notify Ambulance Victoria and first aid providers at least six months prior to your event date and one month for smaller scale events.

Advance notice is particularly important during the busy summer events season.

Notification of events can be emailed to Ambulance Victoria ([email protected]).

Ambulance Victoria is the only organisation permitted by legislation to transport patients to hospital.

The Department of Health need to be advised of any upcoming events of a larger scale (your events officer will assist here) for the purposes of the Department of Health devising their State Health Emergency Response Plan (SHERP).

For more information visit VicHealth.

Posts and first aiders

First aid posts should be properly staffed and equipped and most importantly, be clearly identified and easy to find.

The number of posts will depend on the size of the event and whether a Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE) has been applied for.

There should be a standard level of care provided by first aid teams (minimum Senior First Aid - Level 2).

The following table is a guide only provided by St Johns Ambulance Australia. Determining the exact requirement for the event should be done in consultation with first aid providers/emergency services representatives depending on the nature of your event.

Patrons First Aiders First Aid Room(s)
500 2 1
1,000 4 1
2,000 6 2
5,000 8 3
10,000 12 3
20,000 22+ 4

Page last updated: Monday, 14 February 2022