Waste management summary

This page summarises your responsibilities in relation to waste management at your event.

Provision of adequate waste disposal facilities

Event waste is generated during the set up, during the delivery of the event, and during the pack up stage.

It is your responsibility to manage the event’s waste and leave the site and its facilities in a clean and tidy condition.

We do not provide cleaning services on your behalf and expect that permanent infrastructure which is used during the event is left clean and tidy.

This may mean that you have to provide extra bins, skips or toilets.

Professional cleaners may also have to be engaged.  An Events Officer will advise you as to what extra equipment and services are required.

You may be asked to develop a Waste Management Plan as part of the Event Plan.

For help with waste management planning refer to 'Additional Event Plans' in the Events Planning Guide.

We encourage all events to recycle. For information on how to include recycling in your Waste Management Plan refer to 'Additional Event Plans' in the Events Planning Guide.

Provision of adequate toilet facilities

One of the first things to consider when selecting a site is the number of existing toilet facilities available and whether they will be adequate for your event.

To assess the number of toilets required, refer to 'Additional Event Plans' in the Event Planning Guide and go to the Waste Management Plan section.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2023