Site planning

Site planning is important to the overall development of your event. It will assist in providing an significant role in the experience people have at your event.
A site plan is required for all events - big or small.

A site plan is a map that shows the area on which the event is being staged or held within.
Throughout the site planning section in the event permit application form, you are asked to show information such as placement of equipment, existing services etc. This is so you can manage the site safely and determine in the planning stages how many people can attend the event site at any one time and the best location for the event’s services and equipment.

For more information on how to develop a site plan and what information it should show, please refer to the Events Planning Guide's section, The Basic Event Plan.

This section also includes questions about entry/exit arrangements to the site and enclosed areas within the site.

Depending on the site arrangements your event may require a Division 2 Occupancy Permit - Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit.  Our Municipal Building Surveyor will assess whether a Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE) is required based on the information provided in the Event Application Form and the draft site plan.  If a POPE Permit is required, application is then made by the event organiser for the POPE Permit to the City’s Municipal Surveyor.

More detailed information about the Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE) application process can be found in the Events Planning Guide and explains what type of plans need to developed to support the application.

To assess if your event requires a Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE), use the Siting Approval for Prescribed Structures Flowchart in the Events Planning Guide.

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 June 2020