Planning an event

Events held on Council controlled or managed open space may require an event permit.

What is an event?

An event is any organised activity held on Council public space where an open area, facility, venue, road or temporary structure is to be used by more people than are usually found in that location.

Public land

If your event fits this definition and you are planning to stage the event, then you will need to apply for an Event Application Permit from our Event Services Unit.

If you are unsure as to whom the land owner is please contact our Event Services Unit on 03 5272 5272.

If you are planning on staging an Event on Private land, Filming in Geelong, or holding a Rally or Public protest, then the following will apply.

Please note: If you submit an event application we can begin processing your event, however an event permit will not be able to be issued until the Government restrictions are lifted and your event is permitted.

Events on private land

While the landowner may have given approval for the event to be staged on their land, as the event organiser, you may still be required to seek approval and apply for permits from the City and other authorities.

You should contact the City’s Event Services Unit to discuss your proposal and receive advice.

Weddings in Geelong

Are you considering hosting your wedding ceremony in Geelong? There are a number of popular locations in the region that are available for weddings.

You may need to apply for a permit to hold your wedding ceremony in Geelong. Please contact the City’s Event Services Unit to discuss your wedding arrangements to determine whether a permit is required.


Filming in Geelong

Any filming or commercial photography in the Geelong region will require a Filming Permit. 

The approval process has been designed to be quick, easy and to support local film and television production.

Rallies and public protests

Rallies and public protests do not require permission from the City, however, we encourage you to make contact with our Event Services unit and Victoria Police to ensure that the proposed location to the rally or protest site is available. This  determine if the Victoria Police are required.  

As the organiser of a rally or protest, you should also ensure that adequate insurance cover has been obtained to cover the participants. 

The City and Victoria Police will also advise you about what pre-rally/protests communications you are required to undertake.

Why do I need to apply for an Events Permit to stage an event?

As the event organiser it is your responsibility to ensure that all required permits are obtained and any relevant legislation is complied with. This is to ensure that your event is run safely with minimal impact on the local community.

The City has an Event Planning Guide which is designed to help you plan a safe and successful event as well as navigate you through the necessary paperwork.  

Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2022