Apply for an event permit

If you propose staging an event on City owned or managed open public space, you need to apply to the City of Greater Geelong for permission.

There are six main steps in applying for permission to stage an event on public land.

1. Submit an event application permit, indemnity form and site plan 

Event application form

Indemnity form

A Site Plan that highlights the area where your plan for your event to take place. The site plan should should identify the location of all aspects of the event including the event itself, equipment, activities, permanent and temporary structures.

The Events Services Unit can provide a blank map that can be used as the basis for your site plan, if required.

We have developed an event planning guide to assist you in completing your event application form and understanding your obligations as an event organiser.

2. Gaining in-principle approval

Once the Event Application has been received an Events Officer will be allocated to your event.

Your Events Officer will liaise with our internal representatives and other agencies. Your Events Officer will provide you with the agencies feedback, put you in direct contact and/or set up meetings to discuss your application.

Depending on the suitability of your event concept, availability of date and venue – you may receive in-principle approval to continue planning for your event.

3. Applying for permits and developing event plans

Now that you have in-principle approval, refer to Event Planning Guide to understand what permits and plans you will need in order to receive final approval from the City and other agencies. An Events Officer will advise you as to what specific plans need to be included in your event plan. In addition this guide will provide you with advice as to how to develop those plans. You may be asked to attend planning meetings with relevant agencies to get their input and receive feedback during the development of the event plan.

As soon as you have in principal approval for your event to proceed, you can promote your event on our web calendar under List your event. You can also update your event information in our calendar as you refine your event program.

4. Presenting event plans, and attending the Events Multi Agency Working Group (EMAWG)

As planning progresses for your event, you will be asked to submit a draft risk assessment and event planning documents to relevant agencies for feedback and approval. You may also be asked to present your event plans to the Events Multi Agency Working Group (EMAWG).

5. Receiving approval and staging the event

Once all permits have been issued and the event plans have been accepted by the City and relevant agencies, you will receive a final approval letter.

Now is the time to stage your event. If your planning has been done carefully, your event should be safe and successful. Good luck!

6. Post event

Depending on the size and nature of the event, you may be required to meet with the City’s Events team and other agencies to discuss what went well and what could be improved. This feedback may be presented at an EMAWG meeting and/or with City representatives and agencies.

Page last updated: Friday, 17 March 2023