Geelong Major Events Committee

The Geelong Major Events Committee aims to support the development of a broad range of major events in our region.

Geelong Major Events (GME) is a Section 66 Delegated Committee of the City of Greater Geelong which has been created to support the attraction, assistance and funding of major events.

GME meetings

Ordinary meetings of Geelong Major Events are held bi-monthly on the third Monday of every second month.

GME objectives

  • GME will strive to stimulate and encourage events that offer the best opportunity to provide measurable economic benefits, potential to market Geelong outside the municipality and enhance local community life through participation of residents.
  • GME will support the development and improvement of hallmark, major and developing events while focusing its activities on a clearly defined strategic program.
  • GME will establish and maintain strong links with the private sector, government and our communities to achieve high levels of stakeholder investment and activity required to realise the events potential of Geelong.

GME membership from June 2023

  • Representatives of Council: Anthony Aitken, Ron Nelson, Jim Mason and Melissa Cadwell
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the City of Greater Geelong: Ali Wastie 
  • The Executive Director of Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine: Tracy Carter
  • External representatives of the community: Julie Maxwell, Natalie Valentine, Brenden Caligari, Robyn Birrell, Shannan Gove and Kent Boorman.

Also in attendance at meetings for advisory purposes are:

  • Executive Officer to Geelong Major Events: Fiona Duncan
  • Other relevant City of Greater Geelong officers as determined by the monthly agenda

GME funding application process

Contact the GME Executive Officer to determine your eligibility for funding and that this is the best funding program suited to your proposed event in Geelong.

Fiona Duncan
Executive Officer to Geelong Major Events
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 03 5272 6186 
Mailing address:

Wadawurrung Country
PO Box 104
Geelong VIC 3220

Through discussions with the GME Executive Officer, it can be determined whether your event fits the funding criteria of GME. Events outside the scope of GME include community events that may receive advisory and regulatory support from the City of Greater Geelong and may be eligible for financial support through other areas of Council.

Applications for funding are obtained from the GME Executive Officer. The format has been designed to ensure that each proposal is assessed equitably and fairly, and that the planning for your event is rigorous and comprehensive.

Correspondence with the GME Committee members should be directed via GME's Executive Officer. Applications may be rejected if not submitted in this manner.

Geelong Major Events meetings are generally held the third Monday of each second month. On most occasions you would receive a response to your application within 2-3 months of submitting the completed forms.

Any application for funding should be submitted a minimum of 8-12 months prior to the event date.

GME meetings, like Council meetings, are open to the general public.

If GME does provide funding for an event, this does not mean that the City of Greater Geelong has approved the conduct of the event (where it is necessary to do so).

This approval is coordinated by the Event Services Unit and is subject to a separate process requiring the event organiser to, as a minimum:

  • provide evidence of public liability insurance demonstrating a minimum cover of $20 million and providing a principal’s indemnity to the City of Greater Geelong.t
  • submit all relevant plans, including emergency management plans and risk assessments.
  • participate in the Events Multi-Agency Working Group process, which is an advisory group ensuring the safe and appropriate conduct of events in the region.

Regardless of the outcome of your GME funding application, you may be required to complete and lodge the City’s Event Application form also.

What will GME not fund?

GME will not provide funding to:

  • community events
  • organisations which do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • capital or infrastructure works
  • events of a charitable nature – GME does not provide donations
  • religious, political or racial events
  • events that are not open to the general public
  • events not held in the municipality.

GME cannot provide in-kind services such as traffic management, road closure advertising, waste management and site reinstatement free of charge.

Page last updated: Monday, 19 February 2024