Value Proposition Design for Industry 4.0

Now, more than ever, Australian manufacturers should be thinking about their businesses in a new way:

How can I improve and transform my business, using digital technologies and business model innovation, to change the way I can create, deliver and capture value, be more resilient, cost competitive and future-ready?

A great value proposition is at the heart of every great business model: what value do we deliver to the customer, which customer problems do we solve, and which customer needs are we satisfying? Designing good value propositions is therefore an important step in the creation of new business models.

This webinar will help you on a journey towards crafting great value propositions through:

  1. showing you how to define value proposition hypotheses
  2. providing you with frameworks to help understand what customers really want and
  3. showing you how to validate value propositions in the market.

These frameworks will help you address customer jobs, pains points and gains with your product/service offerings.

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04 June 2020, 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM


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Associated organisation: Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub

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