49er / 49 FX / NACRA World Championship

 Three of the highest profile Olympic sailing classes will converge on Geelong in February 2020, with the 49er (men), 49erFX (women) and Nacra World Championships set to be hosted by the Royal Geelong Yacht Club on the beautiful flat waters of Corio Bay.

With the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Australia is the perfect location for these elite sailors to compete in the 2020 world championship and make their final preparations before heading to Japan.

This event traditionally attracts in excess of 200 entries and it is estimated that the 2020 event in Geelong will see approximately 220 boats, with 440 participants.

In addition to the participants who sail on the Olympic class boats, a large number of teams will have their own coaching support travel with them, which is estimated to bring an additional 150 coach boats to the Royal Geelong Yacht Club marina.

The 2019 World Championship will take place in New Zealand in December 2019, and it is expected that the competitors will begin arriving in Geelong from January 2020, directly from New Zealand.

Once in Australia, post the 2020 World Championships, it is expected that many international teams will stay in Geelong and continue their training and preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and head directly to Japan from Australia.

More than 500 international competitors, coaches and visitors will descend on Geelong and stay for more than one month.

The media coverage of this event will be significant, with live feeds of the racing streamed via social media to hundreds of thousands of viewers. International media is also expected to attend to cover the event as it is likely to identify which countries and teams will move into favoritism for the Olympic medals.


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