Sustainable Design Assessment Guidelines and Template

We use sustainable design assessments to determine where environmentally sustainable design has been carefully considered and planned in your medium-scale development. You can provide a BESS report and associated attachments as your sustainable design assessment.

While you can prepare the paperwork yourself, we strongly recommend you seek help from a qualified sustainability professional.

Geelong's minimum expectations:

  • If using BESS, 50% and a pass in the compulsory categories (Water, Energy, stormwater and Internal Environmental Quality (IEQ)).

Energy Performance

  • Minimum 50% score in BESS Energy category
  • Cooling loads to not exceed 30MJ/sqm for any dwelling
  • Minimum 6.5 star NatHERS average


  • Appropriate orientation and daylight access

Water Resources

  • Rainwater capture and reuse for toilet flushing at a minimum
  • Minimum 50% score in BESS Water Category

Stormwater management

  • 100% STORM score or MUSIC modelling demonstrating best practice stormwater management


  • Bicycle parking - 1 per dwelling

Waste management

  • Recycling facilities are at least as convenient to future occupants as general waste facilities.


Page last updated: Friday, 29 May 2020