Alphabet Bird Project - the A to Z of threatened wetland species

Monday, 25 November 2019

Year four students from around Geelong are invited to create art works that feature 26 waterway and wetland birds threatened in the Geelong Region as part of the Geelong Nature Forum 2020.

The Alphabet Bird Project, is an environmental art initiative, for year four students from across Geelong, to create art works that feature 26 waterway and wetland birds threatened in the Geelong Region.

A selection of these artworks will be displayed during the Geelong Nature Forum from 28 March to 3 April 2020 at the National Wool Museum (NWM) Geelong.

This initiative aims to engage school students and their families in understanding the nature and biodiversity of our waterways and wetland areas and in particular to draw attention to the needs of threatened bird species. It is a joint project supported by the Geelong Field Naturalists Club and the City of Greater Geelong.

The Alphabet Bird Project, is part of the Geelong Nature Forum, an exciting event showcasing Geelong’s natural wonders to the community through a series of nature based activities, presentations and displays. In 2020, the theme of the Forum will be “Where the Rivers Run” with a focus on the animal and plant life of the Geelong region's rivers, creeks and wetlands. The Forum is particularly keen to engage with young people.

Year Four students have been selected to participate, as the project and supporting environmental material, will connect with the Australian Curriculum in Science and Visual Arts subject areas for that year level.

The project will offer a fantastic opportunity for students to see their work featured in a major event during the Geelong Design Week 2020 at the National Wool Museum.

At the end of the project all artwork will be returned to the schools and each school will receive a bird-attracting tree to plant as recognition of their participation.

The Environmental Art kit has been designed by Geelong artist Dr Mary-Jane Walker who will be artist-in-residence with her exhibition, ‘Now You See Us’ at the National Wool Museum from February 2020 . This exhibition is an exploration of the 84 threatened bird species of the Greater Geelong region (as identified by SWIFT - State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams) through hyper-realistic paper taxidermy sculptures of the birds using recycled and painted papers.

How to participate

  1. Complete your Expression of Interest 
  2. You will then receive a confirmation email from the City with further details about the project.
  3. At the start of Term One next year you will receive the Environmental Art Kit containing information, templates and resource guides for teachers and students.

If you have any question please contact Karen Benham at the City by phone or email (

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