Biodiversity management

We undertake many programs to manage and protect biodiversity in our local coastlines, waterways, wetlands, bush and native grasslands.

Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms, the genetic differences between them and the communities and ecosystems in which they occur.

Biodiversity underlies all the ecosystem processes that make life possible and is crucial to the ecological stability of Geelong and our planet.

Protecting our environment

Our coastlines, waterways, wetlands, bush and grassland conservation reserves all provide important habitat to native plants and animals and are places of rich biodiversity.

Land use impacts have significantly reduced the biodiversity that existed before European settlement. Conserving our natural environments and reversing past damage is essential for a healthy and sustainable future.

Strategy objectives

The Biodiversity Management Strategy provides direction and policy for our approach to the conservation and protection of our unique natural environment and its biodiversity.

Developed through comprehensive research of Geelong's natural environment and involved community consultation and comment, our strategy also identifies important partnerships between the City and a range of organisations and individuals who work together with the common task of biodiversity conservation.

We undertake a range of programs to manage and protect biodiversity within our natural areas including:

  • waterways
  • wetlands
  • coastal areas
  • grasslands and grassy woodlands
  • rural roadsides.

Page last updated: Monday, 13 July 2020