Plastic Wise Program Action Plan

Action Details Timing Cost $
City Hall – Trial Site
  • Remove individual desk bins and establish updated bin stations in strategic areas throughout the building (including kitchens). Bin stations to be established with bins having the same sized lids, colour coded in Australian standard colours and an organic stream set up in kitchens.
  • Establish a City Hall working group that will proactively implement the 'roll-ou' of the revised waste system that will implement and examine opportunities for general waste avoidance, reduce single use plastic and increase landfill diversion.
  • Conduct a staff awareness and education program that will advise staff of proposed changes, why they are being undertaken and timelines for the implementation of the new waste management system.
  • Undertake measures to reduce and phase out single use plastic. This includes replacing disposable single use plastic cups, cutlery, etc with non-disposable items.
  • Signage to be displayed at new bin stations advising of what waste is accepted in each bin. In addition, signage to be provided in all staff and public areas advising as to correct material segregation.
September 2020 New bin systems and signage: $6,500
Staff training program/sessions: $1,500
Food organics collection: $1,500 per annum
Single use plastic reduction: $5,000 per annum
  • Review and Update Sustainable Buildings Policy
  • The Sustainable Buildings Policy will be reviewed to raise the profile and implement waste minimisation in all Council buildings.
July to September 2020 N/A
Cleaning Contracts
  • Review cleaning contracts for opportunities to tighten requirements for cleaners to ensure waste is put in correct bins.
  • Work with Storm International (cleaning contractors) to implement possible improvements. Storm have established further stream separation with other clients that could be replicated with the City. This will require adequate/appropriate bin systems to be in place for successful outcome.
July 2020 N/A
  • Review and Update Procurement Policy
  • Office Supplies
  • Catering
  • Strengthen the Procurement Policy to incorporate a compulsory weighting of five to 10 percent for Recycled Content and Environmental Impacts. Environmental Impacts include waste minimisation and can be expanded to single-use plastics. These are currently noncompulsory evaluation conditions.
2020 N/A
  • Work with COS (our main stationery provider) to create a basket of sustainable versions of products that orders will be limited to.
August 2020
  • Brief preferred suppliers of catering and event equipment of the City's expectations to phase out single use plastics.
  • An information sheet will be developed to inform suppliers of preferred cutlery and crockery options. This will distributed to all providers, and also the City's administrative staff who order these services and items.
July 2020
Events Review below documents and incorporate suggested changes with wording that encourages the reduction and phase out of single-use plastics, recycling, and non-recyclables and other waste minimisation actions
  • Event Application Form
  • Event Permit
  • Event Planning Guide
  • Community Events Grant Guidelines
April to June 2020 N/A
The City will continue to work with, and support community event organisers and also event volunteers who undertake actions to reduce plastic use. Ongoing
Develop Plastic Wise Policy Develop a policy that demonstrates Council's commitment to progressively eliminate single use plastics. The policy will apply to council operations and council managed events including, but not limited to, official functions, civic events, community forums, workshops, meetings and training events. The policy will also apply to organised activities held at all sites owned and managed by the City. April to June 2020 Development of policy: $5,000
Community Community Groups have played a key role in reducing the use and impacts of single use plastic. The City will continue to provide support and work in close partnership with community groups.

The City is an active participant in the Caring For Our Bays coordinated by the Bellarine Catchment Network: This project undertakes litter clean-ups, litter reporting (including soft plastics), community waste education and research to reduce plastic litter.

The City has an extensive community waste and recycling education program. The program includes a monthly community newsletter, participation with community events (for example: Clean-up Australia Day), website and community presentations.
Ongoing Maintain Environment and Sustainability Community Grants Program to support community initiatives.

$70,000 per annum

Continue to work with the Barwon Coast Network's steering committee for Event Waste Management.Maintain community waste education programs.
Infrastructure The City installs and maintains a network of gross pollutant traps to trap and remove litter from our stormwater system. Most of the captured litter is single use plastic. Ongoing Continue to maintain gross pollutant traps.
The City maintains a network of over 1400 public place garbage and 90 recycling bins. Continue to service public place garbage bins.


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