Climate Change Action

Our Environmental Strategy envisions a zero-emission, climate ready Greater Geelong region. 

In 2020 we adopted a Sustainability Framework that recognises climate change as a global emergency and brings together all of our priorities and actions relating to sustainability and climate change action.

Here are some of the actions we're taking now to reduce and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

We have ambitious emission targets and a clear mandate to create and maintain a sustainable, thriving environment for our community, that can withstand the impacts of climate change.

Sustainability Framework

The Sustainability Framework has the following objectives:

  • plan and deliver a reduction of carbon emissions
  • build community resilience to the impacts of climate change
  • increase the quantity and quality of our protected natural environment
  • lead and support our community to adopt sustainable practices to move towards zero-waste
  • manage our water efficiently using best practice standards
  • green our urban spaces.

Key climate change action priorities

Our key priorities and actions draw on existing City programs, plans and strategies, such as:

  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: Guides our responses to the widest range of possible climate futures for Greater Geelong
  • Environment Management Strategy: Identifies the goals and priorities for environment management that we are aiming to achieve by 2030 
  • Our Coast Program: A partnership between the Victorian Government, councils and coastal management organisations to help our region better respond to climate change
  • Urban Forest Strategy: Sets targets for how we look after and grow our population of trees in Geelong's public spaces and neighbourhoods 
  • Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy: We're on track to reach our ambitious target of become a Zero Carbon Council

Page last updated: Wednesday, 29 July 2020