Environment Strategy 2020-2030

Our Environment Strategy 2020-2030 and Environment Strategy Action Plan 2020-2022 detail our environmental sustainability goals and how we will act to protect our region's environment and reduce our environmental footprint. 

These documents were adopted by Council on 8 September 2020 and guide our planning, decision-making and actions as we strive to improve the health of our local environment, reduce our environmental footprint and protect the lifestyle our community enjoys.

The strategy and supporting action plan have been informed by local and international environmental trends, and by the knowledge and ideas of our community and regional stakeholders. 

The Environment Strategy 2020-2030 defines five key goals to guide our planning and decision making.

These goals are:

  1. Become a zero-emission, climate-ready city and region
  2. Create greener community spaces
  3. Contribute to a circular economy by reducing waste
  4. Protect, enhance and restore our region's biodiversity
  5. Achieve better integrated water management through planning and design.

This strategy is supported by an action plan that details how we will act in order to achieve our identified goals and targets. The actions in this plan will be reported on, and updated, every two years.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 2 August 2022