Why plan for an emergency at your event?

All events - no matter what their size or scale need to plan for emergencies. If you don't, you are risking people being injured... or worse!

This area covers a range of topics aimed at explaining how to plan for and manage an emergency at your event and how to prepare an Emergency Management Plan for your event.

If budget allows, you should consider engaging a qualified and experienced individual or company to undertake the development of your Emergency Management Plan.

In the event of a major incident occurring, the venue or site, is by law, considered a crime scene and comes under the control of Victoria Police.

Once the emergency services arrive on site they assume control of the situation and the site.

An Emergency Management Plan should include:

  • An Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Response Guides
  • First Aid planning
  • Evacuation planning
  • Fire prevention planning
  • Emergency communications
  • Infection control planning
  • Security and Crowd Control planning.

You should also understand your obligations to report major incidents to Worksafe.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 15 December 2021