Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMPlan)

MEMPlan is an agreed set of arrangements between Council, VicPol, Emergency Services and other agencies for responding to and recovering from an emergency event.

Each municipality in Victoria is required to have a MEMPlan under the Emergency Management Act 1986. This plan must undergo an external audit every three years.

These emergency services include:

  • Victoria Police
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Regional Roads Victoria
  • Corrections Victoria
  • Barwon Water and
  • other organisations such as Department of Health and Human Services, Red Cross, Council of Churches Emergency Ministries, Deakin University, Barwon Health, major industry  etc.

The MEMPlan is maintained by the multi agency Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee.

The MEMPlan outlines the preparation, response and recovery arrangements at the municipal level.

These arrangements include:

  • roles
  • responsibilities
  • functions
  • actions
  • management arrangements.

There are a number of 'components' to any given emergency event. These can occur prior to, during and following an emergency, that is:

  1. preparation (before an emergency)
  2. emergency risk management
  3. response (during an emergency) and
  4. recovery (after an emergency).

Legislative requirements

Emergency management in Victoria is governed by the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency Management Act 2013. (Note both Acts are to be read concurrently).

The 1986 Act requires the Council's multi agency Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee to prepare what is known as a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMPlan) for the municipal footprint.

MEMPlan updates

The MEMPlan is updated annually every October/November with all recommended amendments being approved by the Committee. A full review conducted every 3-years following an external audit of the Plan. 

Copies are provided to various organisations and emergency services following each annual update. A public version of the MEMPlan is uploaded to the Council website every year and a public copy is provided to the Geelong Library, the State Library every three years.

The MEMPlan is independently audited every three years by the Victoria State Emergency Service, VicPol and the Department of Health and Human Services. If the MEMPlan passes the audit a certificate of compliance is issued  by VICSES.

The last audit was conducted during 2016 with the plan receiving the top ranking of 'complies more than adequately'. After the audit result is known a council report drafted. This report recommends that The City of Greater Geelong Council endorsed the Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 5 February 2020