After hours service

For urgent matters, our after-hours service number is 03 5272 5272.
You can call this number 24 hours a day including on weekends and public holidays.

If you notice a public hazard or an urgent safety issue please phone. 

Please note that this after-hours service should not be used for general enquiries that can wait for the next business day.

Note: If you require assistance from the police, fire brigade, ambulance or state emergency services, dial 000.

Being one of the largest municipalities in Australia, we recognise the need for residents and visitors to have access to this type of service in the interests of public safety.

Departments providing after hours service

There are five Council departments on the after hours service:

  • Building department (Building Surveyor)

  • Local laws and traffic

  • City Infrastructure (operations)

  • Environmental health officer

  • Facilities maintenance (Council owned halls, buildings etc) (emergency maintenance only)

Each department has a nominated duty officer who is placed on a rotated 24-hour callout period for seven days. All Duty Officers are equipped with a mobile phone and pager so they can be contacted at all times.

After hours process

When you call our after hours service, state the nature of the emergency and provide accurate information, the relevant duty officers will be paged. They will contact you to confirm the situation and determine the most appropriate course of action required.

Thunderstorms producing heavy rain or strong winds can result in high call volumes which can delay the duty officer contacting you. Please remain calm and patient - you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Examples of listed urgent out-of-hours functions

There are three levels of action that will be taken depending on the severity of the situation:

  1. the duty officer is contacted - if the nature of your call is listed as urgent, for immediate action

  2. a referral email is sent to the City - your details are taken and e-mailed; we will action your request on the next working day

  3. advice - alternative arrangements are in place to advise you.

Not all requests are classed as an urgent, therefore, if the after-hours service carrier cannot locate a reference listed similar to your request then you will be advised as such and we will receive a referral e-mail.

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 July 2024