Emergency relief centres and Recovery centres

We will nominate an emergency relief centre when we are requested by the Control Agencies Incident Controller to do so.

Residents will be able access basic support services such as food, clothing, blankets, first aid, emergency shelter and information. 

We may be asked by the police to activate a relief centre during an emergency event.

If you have to evacuate

Residents should first consider moving to the homes of family and friends out of the area at risk, moving to the Geelong Central Business District (CBD) or other township located out of the area at risk.

What is a relief centre?

An emergency relief centre:

  • is a designated location used for the assembly of emergency-affected persons
  • it should be considered only as one of a number of options.

We do not have any neighbourhood safer places or places of last resort.

What is it for?

An emergency relief centre provides only basic support services such as food, clothing, blankets, first aid, emergency shelter and information.

Relief centres are not the most comfortable of places

A relief centre area is to be used for short-term gathering of people. Attendees can then be provided with information about the emergency.

Who decides to set up?

The representative of the agency leading the emergency response (Incident controller) will decide whether or not to set up a relief centre, in consultation with Victoria Police and our emergency management staff.

Where are they?

A relief centre is typically located well away from an emergency or threat to ensure public safety.

Our Municipal Emergency Response Officer (MERO) and the Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) will determine the most appropriate location.

A number of sites around the municipality have been identified as potential sites. Activation of a relief centre is usually determined once the location of an emergency is known.

How is this communicated

The community will to be notified of the centres location by various means via the Control Agencies Incident Controller. Notification could be via local radio stations and/or 774 ABC Radio and/or the Emergency Alert System.

Information will also be available on the vic emergency website and app.

The nominated emergency relief centre will be under the authority of Victoria Police, and a Police representative will be in attendance.

Who will be there?

This centre will be staffed with various representatives skilled in what assistance is available to the affected community members.

We will be in attendance with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)  and Red Cross representative(s) to assist.

Emergency recovery centres

Following the emergency the emergency relief centre may transition to an emergency recovery centre. These are established after the emergency.

At these facilities, depending on the emergency, help could be available with:

  • clothing
  • food
  • legal advice
  • counselling support
  • insurance
  • interpreter services
  • essential services.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 17 November 2020