Pets and stock in emergencies

Planning for the management and care of animals during any emergency event rests with the owner.

You should make plans for the care and management of your pets/stock before an emergency occurs. 

Our Animal Control Unit can provide general advice, however, as the animal owner, you need to ensure that you have prepared by having arrangements in place - especially for larger animals and/or farm stock. 

If we make arrangements on the owner(s) behalf, owners are accountable for their pets/animals/stock welfare and for all costs associated with the transport and housing/feeding, vet inspection (where required). We accept no responsibility for any losses/damage/injury that may have been incurred during transportation.

Please consider whether you need to move pets and other animals to a safer place on days of high fire risk or when warnings are issued.

Relocation of farm stock

We may be able to provide assistance in providing alternate short-term housing of small numbers of farm stock.

The conditions that are attached with short-term alternate accommodation include:

  • all animals are held at the owners risk

  • owners are required to look after there animals welfare – feeding,vet requirements, transport (to and from the facility)

  • owners are responsible for watering their animals

  • any storage is only short term – animals not collected by the owner once the risk has reduced to a safe level will be disposed of (at the owners expense)

  • any animal that is sick/injured will be disposed of at the owners expense after a rep from the DEDJTR has inspected the animal

  • if we decide that security is needed, this cost will be passed onto the stock owner(s).

Animals at Emergency Relief Centres

Should you have to evacuate guide dogs and other support/companion animals are permitted at an Emergency Relief Centres (ERC).

Small domestic pets are also permitted but must be adequately controlled, preferably caged, by the person responsible for the pet.

A limited number of pet containers will be available at the ERC.

Page last updated: Friday, 8 October 2021