Fire Prevention

Our fire prevention unit covers a wide range of issues relating to fire and the safety of the community.

We work closely with the Fire Rescue Victoria and Country Fire Authority at all times.

Issues dealt with throughout the year include:

  • fire prevention inspections
  • fire hazards
  • fires
  • smoke
  • excessive vegetation on a vacant residential property  
  • permits to burn.

Legislative requirements

Each government authority is required by law to employ a Fire Prevention Officer.

Fire Prevention inspections are carried out from November to March each year and properties within our municipality are inspected to ensure that they are maintained in a fire safe condition. Follow-up action is undertaken on the properties that have not been cleared in a satisfactory manner. 

Permits to burn are issued mainly for fuel reduction purposes  and have stringent conditions attached and will only be issued outside the danger period each year.

Advice is always available on any fire issue.

Fire prevention terms

It helps to understand the phrases used in relation to Fire Prevention.  These terms are used regularly when fire prevention is discussed.

Please click on each link to learn about these terms and related information:

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 August 2021