Fires and incinerators

Burning off on a residential property and the use of incinerators is banned.

From January 2015 a new local law was passed regarding incinerators and fires. 

Local Law extract

A verbatim 'extract' from the Local Law reads as follows:

(2) A Person must not, without a Permit, burn outside, or cause, or allow to be burnt outside on any land in the Municipal District, any materials, whether in the open air or in any built or manufactured Incinerator or similar device.

Penalty:  15 Penalty Units 

Please note: If you need to destroy old paperwork, or it is of a confidential nature, you should ensure it is shredded. Otherwise, paper can be recycled in the yellow recycling bin.

View the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2014 online.

Benefits of banning incinerators and open air burning without a permit

By prohibiting the use of incinerators and open air burning in residential areas, we have tried to provide a safe and healthy environment in which all residents of the municipal district enjoy a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community.

The City adopted these measures to control nuisances, odours and smoke emissions and other discharges into the environment that may adversely affect the enjoyment of life, health, safety and the welfare of the community.

All incinerator fires should be reported to our Customer Service Unit.

Barbeques are okay

A fire lit for the purposes of cooking food for human consumption and warmth on private land  is exempt from this Local Law 

However, care should be taken so that smoke emissions are kept to a minimum.

At no time are solid fuel fires or barbeques using charcoal, briquette or any heat beads permitted on any land managed by the City of Greater Geelong, including Eastern Beach and surrounds, Eastern Gardens, Rippleside Park, or St Helens.    

Please note...

On total fire ban days barbeques (BBQs) are permitted if:

  • they are portable gas or electric BBQs or stoves

  • you are using BBQs provided in public reserves/campsites
  • they are electric or gas-fired and the BBQ is a fixed permanent structure

  • a tap with the hose connected is ready to use, or at least 10 litres of water is on hand in case of an emergency

  • an area of three metres all around and above the BBQ is completely cleared of all flammable material

  • an adult is in attendance at all times

  • the wind speed is less than 10 kilometres per hour (a light breeze that can be felt on the face and will rustle the leaves on trees).

Be aware that Authorised Officers may direct a person responsible for a fire or incinerator to extinguish the fire or incinerator immediately. If that person does not comply with the direction, a penalty notice may be issued.

Authorised Officers of Council and the Country Fire Authority and Fire Rescue Victoria may enter a property and use whatever means available and necessary, to extinguish a fire or incinerator if Local Laws have been breached.

Page last updated: Thursday, 5 October 2023