Fire restriction period

The Country Fire Authority look at the conditions to decide when the fire restriction period or fire danger period should apply.

The fire danger period each year is declared by the Country Fire Authority and its commencement date is widely advertised.

Any permit to burn applications lodged once we the City start fire inspections at the end of October and during the fire danger period will be held and processed after the fire danger period has been lifted (to be advised) at which time applicants will be telephoned and inspections arranged.

Please note: When the fire danger period is declared, it comes into force at 1:00am on the declared date and continues until further notice.

Burn-off restrictions

This means that during the fire danger period you can no longer burn off at all regardless of the size of your property. The use of incinerators is completely banned at all times within our municipality.

On days of total fire ban our customer service centres will display total fire ban day signs.  

All permits to burn issued prior to the commencement of the fire danger period, expire at the commencement of the new fire danger period or 30 November whichever comes first.

The Country Fire Authority can help answer many of your questions regarding the fire restriction period and total fire ban days.


If you light a fire during the fire danger period you are breaching the CFA Act Section 37. This means you can be fined up to $16,900 and/or go to jail for up to 12 months. 

What about other times of the year?

Outside of the fire danger period residents are able to apply for a permit to burn.

Page last updated: Friday, 1 April 2022