State Government Emergency Alert system

The State Government introduced the Emergency Alert system as another means of informing residents/visitors etc about an emergency.


know where to get information and what the warnings mean



The relevant Emergency Service Incident Controller decides if this system is to be used. When it is engaged you may receive a voice message on your landline or a text message on your mobile phone

The warning system, when used, sends voice messages to landline telephones and text messages to mobile phones within a specific area determined by the emergency service issuing the warning message.


You should not wait to receive a warning message before you act.

This system is not used in all circumstances, and as such you should use a range of information sources and check them regularly, that is: 774ABC, local radio, websites, etc.

During 2016, the State Government introduced a number of innovations aimed at improving communications, these include:

  1. replacing the Victorian Bushfire Information Line, the Victorian Relief & Recovery Information Line and the VICSES Flood  and Storm Information line with the new VicEmergency Hotline 1800 226 226.

  2.  Launched the new VicEmergency app. This new app replaced the FireReady app. This new app can send 1.2 million notifications per minute and is monitored 24 x 7.

In addition, residents/visitors can also go to the Emergency Alert webpage for information on emergency events taking place within Victoria.


Page last updated: Tuesday, 30 April 2019