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Belmont Food Swap
Swap your excess garden produce or donate to access produce if you have no garden produce.
Cloverdale Community Centre

Cloverdale is a Neighbourhood House and Learn Local organisation providing a range of programs and activities including:

Learn Local pre-accredited courses aimed at developing employment skills or pathwaying...
Cloverdale Community Centre
Food swap

Swap veggies, fruits and plants, preserves, cakes and other produce.

Reduce your food miles and join us for coffee and cake.

Drysdale Harvest Basket Food Swap
Swap your excess garden produce. Excess is passed along to the local food bank or Men’s kitchen.
Eastern Hub Geelong
Food swap

Bring your excess garden produce, preserves and seedlings to swap with others.

Geelong Organic Gardeners
Geelong Organic Gardeners inform people how to grow organic produce for themselves.
Grovedale Food Swap
Swap your excess garden produce.
Highton Food Swap
Swap your excess garden produce.
Manifold Heights Food Swap

Swap your excess garden produce.

Produce from schools forest garden also available.

Port Produce
A broad range of affordable fruit and vegetables from local growers.
Queenscliffe Produce Swap
We swap homegrown fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, homemade produce - jams, chutney, breads, seedlings and more!
Spare Meals Geelong
Do you have overloaded fruit trees? Have you cooked too much dinner? Cleaned out your pantry to find excess staples or your freezer to find excess meat? You can offer up your excess items on our Facebook page or donate ...
St Leonards Food Swap
Swap your excess garden produce.
Transition East Geelong
We are a group of local residents working together to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and increase our reliance on each other in fun and healthy ways.
Transition South Barwon (TSB)

Transition is a worldwide movement where a grassroots community comes together to explore ways that a town or region can transition to a truly sustainable, resilient and happ...

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