Registration terms and conditions

We (the City) have the right to deny the posting of any listings that do not adhere to the guidelines. We can:

  1. refuse, reject and terminate any listing or website at any time for any reason and are under no obligation to provide reason
  2. remove information which is political, racist, unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent, pornographic or defamatory
  3. modify or discontinue any service offered via our website at any time for any reason
  4. provide information contained in any directory in other formats, that is: publications and online newsletters.
  5. amend the terms and conditions at our discretion; we recommend you revise the terms and conditions regularly.

We will only publish groups whose:

  • activities are not-for-profit; exceptions will be made where the service is primarily in the areas of education, health and aged care
  • activities occur within the City of Greater Geelong or have specific relevance to the residents of Geelong (except entries in the Art Directory whose activities occur throughout the G21 region, including Surfcoast Shire, Colac Otway Shire, Golden Plains Shire and Borough of Queenscliffe).
  • activities are non-discriminatory and legal; groups will not in any submission made for publication on ourwebsite, include any material that breaches any law or regulation in force in Australia, including but not limited to the provisions of the following Acts:
    • the Racial Discrimination Act 1975
    • the Sex Discrimination Act 1984
    • the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    • the Equal Opportunity Act 1995
    • the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001
    • all other Acts governing discrimination, defamation and vilification in force in any other Australian jurisdiction and
    • the Trade Practices Act 1974.

Please note: information provided in the listing details section of the community directory registration form will be made public.

It is up to the listing owner to ensure any information they wish to remain private is not entered into the listing details section of the community directory registration form.

Page last updated: Friday, 1 July 2022