Simon Macaulay

Dark Night Exhibition

Many have played with archetypes along the uncharted waters of their life’s journey, while others have been lost, defined or trapped by them. Thus the mask-like shape of each saddle notch is reflective of a tribal totem.   Reminding us that such roles are either transient and self-chosen by the individual (for a time) or imposed upon them by the expectations of deeply embedded culture.

Thus this exhibition’s “journey into the brightness” is about taking off the mask, of discerning when to let go of angst or duty, fear or loss. Yet at times knowing when to put the mask back on can be as equally liberating. For different people, one or several of the pieces will speak more strongly than others.

Brave. Loving.

 The use of familiar themes and symbols, provides a retrospective reminder of where one has stood or may stand for a time in the shifting sands of life.    

In being drawn to others we identify self.

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