Saabira Razac

I am formally trained in Fine Art Studio Practises.

I attended The University of Waterloo, Canada where she acquired an Honors Bachelors of Fine Arts.

I then migrated to Australia 3 years ago with the hopes of acquiring a stance in the Art Community.

I am very intrigued by the Human Form and the beauty of the female figure. I work mainly as a Digital Artist but also produce oil on wood panel paintings and prints on Canvas.

My figures are highly representational but are grounded in graphic and abstracted techniques.

I use flat, planar colours and bold contour-like lines to wrap the my figures in colour whilst producing spacial depth with flat shapes and planes. I am very interested in colour and the mood it can bring to a work of art. I love choosing colour palettes that are not so conventional but reminisces a mood, a sensation or even a memory.

I teach art classes in Grovedale where we focus on good fine art techniques. We work with an array of surfaces and media and learn a lot about the history of art as well as the unique practices of different artists and how they accomplish different methods of art-making.

I also do commission work. I will work with the client to create something unique to their needs and budget. If interested in a consultation please contact me.

I hope you like my work because I enjoy making them.

Listing details

Street address: Wadawurrung Country, 3/141 Grove Road, Grovedale 3216 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Individual

Contact: Saabira Razac
Mobile: 0414 218 394
Email: [email protected]