Jenny Dean

Gold Leaf Botanical Artist

I do work in several mediums including watercolour, soft pastel, acrylic and graphite.  However, this year I have been exploring the mediums of gouache and gold leaf in creating designs based on botanical forms.

I use my own garden for many of these designs, making detailed drawings of the plants, and working out the colours I will use before I begin.  I use a tiny brush and my magnifying glass to see the details!  Towards the end of the process I add the gold leaf, which makes the paintings sing!

Please note that the gold reflects differently in the photos, so it looks silver, gold or even a bronze-red.

These works are available for sale, and I will add more as I complete them.  

If you would like to purchase or organise a commission with me, please phone or email me.

Listing details

Organisation type: Individual

Contact: Jenny Dean
Phone: 03 52979551
Email: [email protected]