Anna Loughrey

Creative professionalching

Anna is a qualified Social Worker and Community Development Practitioner with over 20 years experience in her field.

Anna's work offers a call to action across a given 'community' to recognise and embrace what makes them vibrant, inclusive and resilient.

Her work is highly collaborative and includes providing assistance with project visioning and design, tasteful marketing and most importantly accessing broad-based community participation (learning and teaching).

Anna's work is all about creating space for meaningful and constructive community conversations to take place.

Most often Anna employs and collaborates with experienced Arts Workers to assist her in shaping and forming these authentic conversations in search of intelligent public response / appraisal. 

Another area Anna specialises in is coaching Community Workers and Arts Workers in their particular creative professional pursuits. For more information about Anna's work please go to her blog, which functions more as a website than a blog at this stage!

Listing details

Postal address: Wadawurrung Country, PO Box 4262, Geelong 3220 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Individual

Contact: Anna Loughrey
Mobile: 0400 049 862
Email: [email protected]