Pipsqueaks Early Learning Centre

At Pipsqueaks Early Learning Centre, we believe in providing an environment that will allow children to live and learn to the best of their potential.

We believe families are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life and respect and value their knowledge and understanding of their child. Working with families, we are able to build an early learning framework and curriculum that takes into account each family’s culture and local perspective.

We strive to work in equal partnership with families that will ensure a smooth and calm transition between home and our service.

We provide play-based programs that allow children to explore and take risks as they examine, hypothesise and experiment with new ideas and concepts. We provide learning opportunities that will engage and build success for life, all the while with a smile on their face.

Listing details

Address: Wadawurrung Country, 34-38 Manzeene Avenue, Lara 3212 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Private business
Service area: Lara
Website: www.pipsqueakselc.org.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pipsqueakselc

Contact: Belinda
Phone: 03 5282 0000
Email: [email protected]