Witches Guild

The Witches Guild is a:

  • loose affiliation of people
  • forum to realise the presence of the Goddess within and without.

The Witches Guild recognizes:

  • that the Goddess has many faces as reflected in the diversity of humans
  • the ownership of this country (Australia) by indigenous peoples.

The Witches Guild celebrates:

  • the cycles of life as evident in the tides of the moon and the seasons of the sun
  • group and individual ritual.

The guild meet variously at Eastern Observatory and a variety of cafes and venues around Geelong.

Listing details

Street address: Eastern Observatory, Hearne Parade, Geelong 3220 VIC Australia
Postal address: PO Box 535, Geelong 3220 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – unincorporated
Meeting venue: Eastern Observatory, Google map reference V93P+8Q
Eastern Observatory, Hearne Parade, Geelong 3220
Reserve: Eastern Park
Service area: City of Greater Geelong
Website: www.witchesguild.org.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WitchesGuild

Contact: Cara
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Free services are provided to the community.
Seasonal celebrations, solar and lunar observations, including drumming and chant circles. Our events are supervised by a person with a working with children check. Please see our listings in the What's On Geelong pages.
Referral: Not required