Kardinia Playgroup


Pre-literacy is a fun interactive educational play base program.

We have created this program to help little ones experience a more focused hour for children to learn and love pre-literacy. We do this through storytelling, songs, puppet plays and learning activities that focus on the alphabet, phonics, basic reading techniques and the early development of written skills.

It also aims to teach parents ways that they can engage their children in literacy activities and promote a love of reading from an early age. after class the kids head outside and enjoy snack time and a play.

Listing details

Street address: Wadawurrung Country, 1-11 Kardinia Drive, Bell Post Hill 3215 VIC Australia
Postal address: Wadawurrung Country, PO Box 5243, Bell Post Hill 3215 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – incorporated
Affiliations: Kardinia Church
Website: www.kardiniachurch.com/playgroups
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kardiniaplaygroups

Contact: Alison
Phone: 03 5215 3917
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Cost: $120 per half year NDIS Disability Card & Blue Pension Card – Discounts will apply
Waiting list: Yes - At time we do have waiting list for our program
Wheelchair accessible? Yes
Public transport access: Yes