Lara Legends Cycling Group

In 1992 a group of fine not-so-young-anymore Lara Sporting Club members attended a Men’s Health night where they decided that their days of playing football and cricket, running, swimming and even walking reasonably quickly were receding into the past at an ever increasing rate.

A local fitness guru, Tom Wilks, took a few of them under his wing and started them on a cycling adventure that continues to this day. And so the legend of the Lara Legends Cycling Group was born.

Over the next 25 years the group grew to 20 members including both younger and older riders and some female riders who were most welcome and helped tone down the constant banter a little.

Today the group has diminished in size but not enthusiasm and meets every Saturday come rain, hail or shine (well, shine anyway). We ride ride an 18 kilometre loop to the Grammar School and back followed by an optional extra 20 kilometres to the You Yangs gate and return.

Watch out for the blue and yellow blur down Rennie Street every Saturday morning and, if you feel like joining us please do. ll, including ladies, welcome.

Listing details

Street address: Club Lara, 2-4 Mill Road, Lara 3212 VIC Australia
Postal address: 12 Mungari Court, Lara 3212 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – unincorporated
Reserve: Lara Recreation Reserve
Service area: Lara

Contact: Ted Reeve
Mobile: 0416 498 395
Email: [email protected]

Eligibility: Just to be reasonably fit and be able to cycle at an average speed of about 20kph+.
Wheelchair accessible? No