One World for Children

We believe it is important for children to enjoy their environment, and to have the opportunity to appreciate the creativity of others. That's why our programs foster creative development and aesthetic awareness, and why such care is taken to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for your child.

Great care is also taken to ensure all children feel they have the right to participate, by ensuring children of both genders have equal access to all of the activities and equipment provided. The use of multicultural, non gender bias, special needs and environmentally sensitive equipment, books, music and posters also reinforce our programs goals.

Our programs are further supported by the respect, acceptance and co-operation modelled to the children by the staff within the Centre, and the implementation of an early childhood conflict resolution program, developed by our staff, to encourage the development of age appropriate conflict resolution skills in the children. Your child will learn about resolving conflicts creatively and positively, in an atmosphere of support and co-operation, while participating in our programs.

Our Centre is renowned nationally and internationally for our Early Childhood Environmental Education Program, through the publication of our book - "Playing for Keeps - Environmentally Responsible Practices for Early Childhood Learning".

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously, as is evident in our Environmental Code of Practice, and apply it to all aspects of our operation. In our programs, by de-emphasising the need for manufactured equipment and encouraging in the children resourcefulness and a creative approach to play, and in our practices, by being good models ourselves, and by involving you and your child in the program in meaningful ways.

Outdoors is the setting where much of your child's learning takes place, and we therefore place a considerable emphasis on our children's playground. Our playground was designed by both the staff and a Landscape Gardener to reflect the Centre's philosophies, and to provide an area where the children's natural sense of curiosity can be nurtured

You and your families' involvement in the program is most welcome, and our Program Co-ordinator is always available to discuss with your how you can become involved in the Centre in ways that are meaningful and of benefit to you and your child.

The Early Childhood Program is set out on boards inside each of the playrooms and the staff welcome any feedback or ideas you may have to further enhance its development or relevance to your child.

We place a special emphasis on providing programs that meets the individual needs of each child, are underpinned by our values and beliefs about children, and reflect early childhood best practice.

Whether your child participates in our Family Grouping Programs, or our Kindergarten Programs, you can be confident that your child's learning and growing competence is enhanced and nurtured whilst in our care.

Listing details

Street address: Wadawurrung Country, 407-411 Thompson Rd Bell Park 3215 VIC Australia
Postal address: Wadawurrung Country, PO Box 701 North Geelong 3215 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Education
Service area: City of Greater Geelong

Contact: Rebecca Webb
Phone: 03 5272 2714
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 52723039

Waiting list: No
Wheelchair accessible? Yes
Public transport access: Yes