Employment Services

We have two programs to assist with employement:

  1. Equip
  2. Reconnect

Equip! is a youth mentoring program for culturally diverse young people in the Geelong region. It is funded by the Department of Employment through the Empowering Youth Initiative.

Equip aims to help young people from a refugee background (aged 16 to 24 years) to develop their understanding of work, and consider their own strengths and interests. Young people participate in introductory training about vocational guidance, career planning, job search training.

The program aims to match all participants with a mentor to offer individual support, and to offer work experience and support to volunteer.

Many young people have developed a better understanding of the opportunities in Geelong, and have extended their professional and community networks.

Reconnect also helps young people look for work, and assists them to address any unmet needs to keep them on track to completing their studies.

Reconnect operates from the Old Post Office at 33 Ryrie Street in Geelong.

Listing details

Postal address: Northern Community Hub, 25-41 Arunga Avenue, Norlane 3214 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – incorporated
Website: www.diversitat.org.au/services/community-services/employment
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiversitatGeelong

Phone: 03 5221 6044 - Equip
Mobile: 03 5223 3222 - Reconnect
Email: [email protected]