The Grinter Garden

An exciting community space.

We are a group of residents brought together with a common desire to share a healthier way of living through organic gardening methods and healthy food options.
We hold workshops on gardening methods from how to start your veggie patch through to worm farms, composting and Permaculture principles.
Members share their knowledge in gardening techniques, preserving food  and cooking the produce they grow.
We are working towards building a seed bank of heirloom fruits, vegetables and flowers so future generations can experience the diversity of plant varieties that are under threat of being lost forever.

We are also planning a heritage orchard containing old varieties of fruit trees and berries. 

Listing details

Address: 125 Coppards Road (behind Splashdown) Moolap 3221 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – unincorporated
Meeting venue: Men's Shed
125 Coppards Road (Behind Splashdown) Moolap 3221
Reserve: Grinter Reserve
Affiliations: Bellarine Living and Learing Centre
Service area: Breakwater, East Geelong, Newcomb, St Albans Park, Thomson, Whittington

Contact: Dave Bailey
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Free services are provided to the community.
Workshops and training in sustainablity and food security.
Referral: None required.
Eligibility: Everyone welcome.
Waiting list: No
Volunteer opportunities: Yes - Everyone welcome to come along and become part of our community.
Wheelchair accessible? Yes
Public transport access: Yes - Number 45 bus stops in Coppards Road at Splashdown.
Additional information: The committee working towards forming a 'Friends of the Bush Foods Garden'. This garden containing indigenous food plants is located in the Whittington Link parklands, 10 minutes walk from the Grinter Garden.