Patturn Studio

Adopted Geelong as my new hometown in 2009 and haven't looked back.

Participating in collaborative arts events such as "Light Up Geelong", "Peel Your Eyes" and "Figment Geelong" I have met the most amazing and inspiring artistic folks and gained a confidence to keep pushing my own creativity in new directions.

Patturn Studio is one of my on-going projects where I create light shade designs out of vintage papers.

I also create canvas pieces from assorted paper materials, and other one-off ensembles out of found objects and recycled wood.

Underpinning this work (and paying the bills!) is a corporate Graphic Design business, creating digital and print media for blue chip clients such as the National Australia Bank.

Listing details

Organisation type: Private business
Service area: Highton

Contact: Rachel Burke
Email: [email protected]