Christ Church Anglican Church

Emergency Food Relief

During the hours when Christ Church is open for visitors each week day (usually Monday-Friday 12.00-2.00pm), emergency food relief is available for pensioners, health care card holders, and those in need. Strong demand requires that emergency food relief can only be accessed by each person once per month. Annually approximately 350 people use this service. The St. John Of God Lighthouse Foundation provides items for the food cupboard which are supplemented from donations in kind by parishioners and others in the community. Emergency relief enquiries are handled by the volunteers who open the Church each week day for visitors.

Listing details

Address: 57 McKillop St Geelong 3220 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – incorporated

Phone: 03 5221 8055

Cost: Free services are provided to the community.
There are no charges for any meals or food assistance.
Eligibility: Available to Pensioners and Health Care card holders. Once per month.
Wheelchair accessible? Yes