Geelong Disc Golf

In 2006 the Geelong Disc Golf Inc. was founded to promote the sport of Disc Golf in the Geelong and Surf Coast regions of Victoria.

In Disc Golf, similar to traditional ball golf, players use special Frisbee’s (Golf Discs) instead of balls and clubs, throwing them at an above ground target instead of a hole or flag. There are different types of golf discs used for different purposes, much like traditional golfers use different clubs.

The aim is to throw your disc into a target in the lowest number of throws. The targets are typically steel, net-like catching devices, from which chains are hung, and are better known as ‘Pole Holes’ or a ‘Baskets’.

Listing details

Postal address: 7 Madigan Court, Highton 3216 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Community group or not-for-profit – incorporated
Meeting venue: Barwon Valley Fun Park
Barrabool Road, Belmont 3216

Email: [email protected]