The Geelong College Middle School

Year 4 to Year 8

The Geelong College is a Uniting Church coeducational day and boarding school, with 1,300 students aged 3 to 18. We are an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the needs of young people and their families. Our College has great and proud traditions. It is well known as a leading Victorian school and is highly respected both interstate and overseas for its student academic achievements, and its broad and innovative learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves on helping every student to achieve their best. We offer a diverse range of learning opportunities so that our students can explore a variety of pathways to help them prepare for a rapidly changing future.

We also believe passionately in coeducation, in boys and girls learning and leading together.

Our Middle School features yearlong learning immersions:

  • Year 4 Enviro, where students develop an understanding of the challenges facing our planet and learn core subjects through practical projects.
  • Designing the Future in Year 5, which joins craftsmanship and design, with imagination and creativity to address real problems.
  • Year 6 Media in which students develop and explore the world of communication using modern technology to express their learning.
  • Year 7 students focus on identity, place and contribution as well as beginning the more rigorous academic challenges of the secondary program
  • Year 8 the Cre8 self-directed project, an exciting elective program and a challenging 8 day camp in the Otways consolidate their motivating and self-driven learning journey at Middle School.

Listing details

Street address: Wadawurrung Country, 399 Aberdeen Street, Newtown 3220 VIC Australia
Postal address: Wadawurrung Country, PO Box 5, Geelong 3220 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Education
Affiliations: Uniting Church

Contact: Deb Fanning
Phone: 03 5226 3190
Email: [email protected]