Conny Fechner

Conny Fechner is a Geelong based international author/illustrator, specialising in children's books.

Even as a youngster, Conny had a natural flair for art. Her vivid imagination and humour is seen in most of her work. She is self taught with over 40 years experience.

Conny enjoys working with ink, watercolour and pencil. She has exhibited, created murals and paintings, won awards. By creating books, it enables her to share this passion with many people.

Conny is the author/illustrator of 17 books. Her latest three ( Alphabetalcious, Jimmy Roo, 13 Days of Christmas ) are self published; the books printed in Geelong. Jimmy Roo also won an international award for Best Regional Fiction - Australia/NZ at the Independent Book Awards in New York 2013.  The book was acknowledged by Prince Charles ( a gift for his first grandchild ).

Conny has come full circle because years ago she would make her own books by hand. "Words and pictures are inseparable. I can't create one without the other. I am always collecting ideas, filling up exercise books with clippings", she says.

All books can be purchased from Conny, personally signed. Light and compact, they make great gifts for posting overseas.

Conny and her husband also attend markets in Melbourne and the Geelong Region.

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