Colin Mockett

Geelong entertainer Colin Mockett was named 'World's Best Tour Guide' by a coachload of (mainly American) Seabourn Odyssey tourists at the end of their four-hour tour in February 2014. Their unsolicited rationale was; "we're on a world tour, you are the best guide we've encountered - that makes you the best in the world!".

Colin recruited and tutored Geelong's other cruise-liner tour-guides, too, mainly from the city's entertainment/theatre community. But good guides are just part of the Geelong tour experience. Our history has gifted us a destination second to none as an Australian destination. We have the lot: The world's oldest living culture - our Wathaurong community has been here for 60,000 years - our century of wool heritage and fortune made from the gold rushes led to our art-deco landscape waterfront.

Our  industrial sector was built on a wealth of migrant/refugee labour - and now we're re-inventing ourselves yet again in the post-industrial era as a university city with a strong tourism culture.

Colin and the guides don't only show all this to luxury liner passengers. They conduct walking tours for groups and schools, provide 'step-on guides' for bus tourists - and provide bespoke tours for conventions and events.

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