New listings

You can check your eligibility for the community directory from the checklist below. We accept listings from:

  • community groups or not for profit organisations – Incorporated and Unincorporated    
  • charitable trusts/foundations    
  • schools or universities    
  • housing/tenancy organisations    
  • community service organisations (for example: Community Health Centres, DHS, Disability Providers, Government Departments)    
  • children’s service providers    
  • church and religious organisations    
  • community facilities    
  • Aboriginal organisations    
  • clubs (for example: sporting, recreational, senior citizens)    
  • community legal service providers    
  • parliamentarians    
  • local government departments    
  • local artists, groups, art and culture organisations.             

All listings in the community directory must be based in or have a branch in Geelong or surrounding municipalities, or have regular meetings in Geelong or surrounding municipalities.

New listings are only permitted to be added by an authorised member of your organisation or group.

We verify and approve all entries before they are made available on the website.

The Community Directory does not generally include commercial business listings. Your entry may however be approved if you are an Arts and Culture business.

The Arts Directory is open to individual artists, organisations and businesses involved in arts and culture across the G21 region. Arts registrations will be approved separately by our Arts and Culture Department.

Page last updated: Friday, 1 July 2022