Recommendations - Digital Geelong

List of recommendations for our organisation, community and business.

Our organisation

Treat staff (and the community) as part of a crowd sourced online problem solving network
The City will need to continually improve their understanding of the digital drivers in contemporary cities around the world and the role that they play in delivering Digital Geelong.
Build on the local strengths in the digital economy by embracing current and previous initiatives and their relevance to achieving alignment with Digital Geelong.
Embrace and implement Digital Geelong as a key part of an integrated growth and talent attraction strategy.
Endorse the overall strategy at corporate level and identify which directorates should lead the implementation of which recommendations.
Endorse the elements of the council’s role at corporate level and identify the champion/s who will take the lead.

Develop an implementation strategy that acknowledges the organisational culture changes required to align activities with Digital Geelong.

Ensure that a cross-council process of digitisation is led by the CEO with support from the CDO or other relevant officer.

Enable staff to use their own devices at work using a ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ platform.

Save resources by moving transactions online, as stated in the current IS strategy.

Use digitalisation to tailor and personalise the City’s services. Explore the creation of a personal ‘Geelong Account’ for online users.

Maintain the position of the leading Open Data champion in Victoria. Be recognised for providing access to all types of data sets.

Create a Geelong Data Dashboard as a platform for Open Data, for providing acute civic insight and for giving opportunities to partners and residents to read, share and use data.

Further explore the implementation of the identified opportunities in which local democracy can be re-invigorated online. Participatory budgeting should be an area of focus.


Create a digital platform called digitalskillsgeelong (for example). The objective of the platform is that it be a one stop shop for gateway digital learning in Geelong.
Set an aspirational target of whole of community inclusion. Work with skills providers and not for profit organisations to engage/upskill key target groups.
Create a ‘Go On, Get Online’ initiative; a ‘Geelong Digital Mates’ project and a Geelong Digital Festival or Digital Day.
Exploit the opportunities libraries offer as providers of digital infrastructure and platforms for digital inclusion. In particular exploit the potential of the new central library.
Ensure the new library has the capacity, tools and approach to be a Geelong tech-hub, makerspace or fablab in the future.


Digital Geelong will continue to build on emerging clusters in health, sports science, retail, university capacity and related analytics.
The City should prioritise business support and knowledge transfer initiatives for SMEs – and target intervention to match their different ‘digital profiles’.
Use and promote a digital benchmarking tool as indicated and/or work with ICT Geelong to develop such a tool for local use.

Partner with tertiary education institutions to attract talent, develop skills – and seek to create a Research Centre for Smart Analytics.

Formally recognise that a wide variety of jobs and employment scenarios will be created in the digital economy. Ensure that partners are designing and delivering appropriate training and skills programs to service those job opportunities.
The City should maintain its brokering role on behalf of the local economy in discussions with the NBN as to its roll-out schedule and locations – and in relation to mobile services.
The City should iteratively release all relevant datasets digitally to help local business development.
The City should create local business opportunities, ‘hackathons’ and other incentives using its own and other government agency data to develop digital applications.
The City should clarify the role it wishes ICT Geelong to play as part of the digital partnership for Digital Geelong.
29 The City should create and chair a Geelong Digital Partnership involving all key forces required for the strategy.
30 Using the Intelligent Community Forum criteria as benchmarks, seek to establish Geelong as a global Top 21 Intelligent Community by 2019.

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