Digital Geelong

Geelong can transition to a nationally recognised digital economy. It will require a connected, digitally empowered and innovative community with enterprises at ease in the digital environment – and a digital champion. That champion must be the city.

Digital Geelong will ensure that we (City of Greater Geelong) are a leader in engaging with and serving the community and businesses in whatever channel they wish to use – face to face or digital. 

A key aim is to maximise the efficiencies and benefits available from digital technologies – at a time of pressure on public finances – to deliver even more value for money and impact to Geelong.

This strategy will serve as a reference for Geelong’s digital direction over the coming decade.We need to achieve strategic alignment with all business units before many of the recommendations can be implemented.

Implementation activities will be clear, flexible and collaborative, but need to follow the agreement of a digital direction. That direction is contained in the following pages and the activities that preceded it. To deliver on the recommendations, actions will be set in a follow up report – Digital Geelong Implementation Plan.

Vision: A digital leader in Victoria

In anticipation of how new, emerging technologies will impact the way we all will communicate, interact and do business. We commissioned this digital strategy. 

While the arrival of the NBN has been a spur for many areas to commission such a strategy, Digital Geelong has a broader task. This is to ensure that the City of Greater Geelong, community and businesses of Geelong are broadband-ready and digitally enabled. That is, they have the infrastructure and connectivity, skills, capability and organisational capacity needed to maximise the benefits of digital, mobile and cloud technologies and to be successful in the emerging digital economy.

Our vision therefore is about a transformed digital City of Greater Geelong, an empowered community and a networked city confidently embracing the challenges and maximising the opportunities of the digital era. We will re-shape how we design and deliver services, how we engage with our community, how we support the economic competitiveness of Geelong and accelerate innovation and enable new opportunities for its residents.

Glossary of terms used

Crowd source – In this instance it means, asking the public to provide responses and direction on specific issues or questions

Open data – Publish information or data collected by the City, for investigation and use by the public.

Big data – This is to do with the vast amount of information collected

ICT – Information Communications Technology

IS – Information Systems

Digital disruption – Term used to explain how the increasing digitisation of how we do things, fundamentally changes our lives

Page last updated: Thursday, 5 March 2020