Communities accessing Technology - 3219 postcode

We want to ensure that all members of the community have equal access to digital technology.

The further technology creeps into the lives of people - whether for seeking employment, submitting Centrelink forms and government paperwork; engaging with your child’s school and their curriculum, or simply increasing social networks - the further the digital divide grows.

Our aims

  • Uncover and understand the level of knowledge and skill required by key community agencies, schools, and business to engage, support and/or facilitate access to technology - how they operate and do business (and improve their viability) and how they assist the community to do the same.
  • Uncover and understand how households use and access technology.
  • Understand the barriers to equitable skill development and use of technology.
  • Increase the number of households who have home access to the internet - currently only 54%.
  • Reduce technology related debts (especially phone).
  • Develop strategies, procure resources and ongoing support to ensure all households, services and business are employing the best affordable, accessible and suitable digital technology.

How we will do this

  1. Host a series of ‘Pop-Up’ community based workshops and information gathering events which are fun, engaging and where people are located. These events will be run with the partners Infoxchange, Consumer Affairs, Geelong Regional Libraries, Good Money and Barwon Homelessness Network. So far we have run pop-ups at a Mens Shed Day, Whittington Primary School Market Day, Newcomb Shopping Centre and Bellarine Living and Learning Centre.
  2. Conduct a technology related audit of local organisations and services - assess their capacity and identify future opportunities to improve their digital literacy and access.
  3. Through developing partnerships - explore ways to provide equipment, internet and training for households in the target area.
  4. Encourage existing services to consider how they use technology to engage their target groups not just in promotion but in actual service delivery i.e: using technology in promoting and developing literacy and numeracy programs.

What’s been done already

  1. Upgraded equipment for community training and use at Newcomb Library
  2. Free WiFi in the Whittington Link
  3. Conducted a social media workshop for the Reference Group4. MyGov website workshop hosted for community agencies5. Held a co-working day at Whittington Link encouraging local organisations to take advantage of the free wi-fi and network with others.

Want to know more?

Contact Fiona Bramham by phone on 03 5272 4659, by email at or like and share us on Facebook.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 15 May 2019