DCP terms

A list of terms we use when talking about Development Contribution Plans.
DCP Development Contributions Plan A development contributions plan (DCP) is a mechanism used to levy new development for contributions to fund planned infrastructure that will be needed by the future community.
DCPO Development Contributions Plan Overlay An approved DCP should be implemented through the Development Contributions Plan Overlay (DCPO) and schedule, as provided for in the Victoria Planning Provisions.

The Development Contributions Plan Overlay indicates the area covered by the DCP. The schedule indicates the infrastructure levies that apply in a particular area.
DIL Development Infrastructure Levy A levy applied to new development for development infrastructure such as Traffic intersections and drainage works.
CIL Community Infrastructure Levy A levy applied to new development for community infrastructure such as libraries and sporting pavilions.
WIK Works in-kind Construction of infrastructure works or transfer of land to Council undertaken by a developer/landowner to offset their development contributions liability, are payable prior to SOC.
DU Demand Unit A demand unit is an individual unit that provides the basis on which infrastructure levies are calculated.

Converting the development into demand units enables common units to be used to calculate the total demand for infrastructure generated by all land uses.
NDA Net Developable Area A hectare of net developable land is one type of demand unit that can be selected when preparing a DCP.

Net developable land is land that can be converted to urban purposes, and includes those uses that are usually associated with the establishment of an urban community such as all aspects of residential, commercial and public use.

It does not include land subject to some form of development control such as an easement or an Environmental Significance Overlay, which would not be charged infrastructure levies.
S173 Section 173 Agreement A voluntary and legally binding agreement between Council and another party (in this case generally a landowner) under Section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
SPC Statement of Practical Completion A Council document certifying that a DCP infrastructure item has been completed to the satisfaction of Council, and, if the item has been provided as works in-kind, the value of the credit to be given to the developer against their development contributions.
PSA Planning Scheme Amendment
An amendment to the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.
SOC Statement of Compliance DAF Developable Area Form A CoGG form to be completed by a development proponent showing the area of a particular title(s) that is developable, and the areas which are considered undevelopable (encumbered ) for the purposes of calculating development contributions.

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